While grief is a normal response to loss, many people find great comfort and support from sharing with others who understand the grief experience. Hospice of Knox County grief support programs are open to anyone in the communities we serve.

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Grief Counseling

Licensed staff members provide individual counseling for children, youth, adults, and families who have experienced a death. This includes accidental death, non-hospice medical death, homicide, and suicide. Services are provided at Hospice of Knox County, in the home, at school, in the workplace, and in other community locations.


Professional Support

The bereavement team provides consultation and education to employers, school personnel, social service/health care providers, and others. Consultations are provided via phone or on site. On-site training is available for workplace wellness, to assist employers in understanding the many faces of grief among their workforce, and for on-site crisis response.


Crisis Response

A sudden and unexpected death, tragic event, or natural disaster can generate a severe crisis, especially if a death results, impacting the community. Examples include the death of a police officer, group of students, or community leader. The bereavement team can provide on-site support, defusing and debriefing, and pre-incident education.


Adult Grief Support Groups

  • Passage: An 11-week class providing education and support for adults who have suffered loss due to death. Groups are provided throughout the year. This group is open to anyone in the community who has experienced the death of a loved one. See calendar of events for dates or contact Hospice of Knox County. 
  • Healing Hearts: A social support group to provide adult grievers a safe place to talk about daily life activities; meets monthly for a potluck. Group is open to the community.
  • Men's Grief Support Breakfast: A support group for men who have experienced the loss of a loved one; meets the third Tuesday of the month in the morning and open to the community. 
  • Child Loss Parent Support Group: A grief support group for parents who have experienced the loss of a child; meets the second Tuesday of the month in the evening. 
  • Survivors of Suicide Loss: An 11-week class providing education and support for adults who have suffered loss due to suicide. This group is offered on an as-needed basis.
  • Preparing for the Holidays: A seminar focused on how to handle the upcoming holidays and how to cope with celebrations without a loved one.


School Services

The bereavement team provides death education, workshops, support groups, and training for school personnel, students, and families. Areas addressed include integrating grief and loss curriculum into the classroom; helping children cope with tragedy and loss; talking with children about death; responding when a classroom has experienced a death; assisting in interventions with behavioral issues such as declining grades, acting out, and withdrawing.

There are three areas of emphasis:

  • Anticipating a Death: Assistance to schools when there is a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness in a student, staff, or family member by providing assistance in understanding the diagnosis, accessing resources, and supporting anticipatory grieving.
  • Crisis Response: Assistance when there is a death in the schools by providing immediate on-site support, consultation, crisis debriefing, education, support groups, resources, and follow-up. These services are provided directly to the school or in collaboration with other student support agencies or staff.
  • Supporting the Grieving Process: Education and support of grief reactions in the days and weeks following a death by providing consultations, training, or short-term support groups for students or staff.


Camp Hope

This is a four-day camp for children and youth ages of 6-17 who have lost a loved one. This camp is held once a year during the summer. The goal is to help the children and youth survive the bereavement journey with skills, caring, and friendships to take along the way. Activities include horseback riding, canoeing, bonfires, swimming, arts and crafts, hiking, and much more. Counselors and nurses are on staff at all times, and meals and lodging are provided as needed. The camp is open to the public. The cost is underwritten by local donations. Please see our calendar of events for dates and registration forms.