Hospice of Knox County is blessed to have a Resource Library located in our building. It is open to the community, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Additional resources are listed below.

Book topics include
Care giving
Adult grief
Children’s grief
Death and dying

Suggested Reading
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Suggested Reading

    We Honor Veterans - Veteran Recognition Ceremony for WWII Veteran

    We Honor Veterans

    National Family Caregivers Assoc. Suzanne Mintz

    No Thanks, We're Fine: Supporting Families Living With Dementia

    Caregiver Confessions with Leeza Gibbons

    When to Begin Hospice

Hospice Journey

journeyMany family and friends are scattered around the country and, sometimes, even around the world. In order to provide a way for you and your loved ones to stay connected, Hospice of Knox County has partnered with Hospice Journey, which provides free personal, private websites for people facing terminal illness. It is your website to reflect on your journey, to express what matters most to you, and to feel the love and support of family and friends. Setting up your site is easy and free of charge.  

Begin your Hospice Journey at http://www.hospicejourney.org/