A referral may come directly from the patient, family, physicians, hospital discharge planners, clergy, friends, or assisted living and nursing facility staff. We encourage patients and families to contact us directly for information about our services. The earlier Hospice of Knox County is involved, the more benefit patients and families receive from our care and support. We are happy to meet with you at any time to discuss care options.

Hospice care can be provided wherever the patient resides-private homes, nursing facilities, and assisted living residences.

Services Provided
Physical Assessment
Visits to the patient are provided as needed by the registered nurse. The patient, physician, and caregivers are kept informed of the patient’s current status.
Medical Equipment
Electric beds, wheelchairs, bedside commodes, and oxygen are provided to help maintain independent activity.
Personal Care
Certified Hospice aides provide assistance with bathing, skin and hair care, and other comfort measures.
Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
These therapies help the patient develop more effective ways of accomplishing challenging tasks as well as addressing symptom management.
Emotional and Spiritual Support
Hospice is sensitive to the difficult issues involved when facing a life-limiting illness. When requested, a Hospice chaplain can provide support for patient and family.
Nutritional/Dietary Therapy
A registered, licensed dietitian is available to provide dietary and nutritional guidance.
Social Services
A social worker is available to educate and support families, linking them with financial, legal, and social resources.
Massage and Pet Therapy
These innovative therapies bring joy and comfort to our patients.
Companionship and Respite Care
Volunteers are available for support to patients, particularly when caregivers need to run errands, work, and relax away from home.
Grief Support Services
Thirteen months of ongoing support is available for loved ones as they deal with changes, grief, and loss through one-on-one counseling or support groups.
Hospice patients will receive all medications used to manage symptoms of the terminal illness at no cost to the patient or family.